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Charcoal Face Soap Bar

Sugar & Six Soap Company

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Charcoal Face Soap Bar

Activated charcoal has SO many benefits, but especially for your face! Charcoal is a well known ingredient that helps to:

•shrink your pores

•act as a magnet for dirt, bacteria and makeup

•reduce signs of aging 

•help fight against acne

•reduce appearance of oily skin

•moisturize all skin types 

•tighten and firm skin

•treat psoriasis and other skin conditions

If you don’t have a charcoal bar to use as part of your daily skincare routine, you need one! Your skin will thank you. Bars weigh approx 3oz each. 

Ingredients: olive, castor, palm and coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, skin safe fragrance.

Paraben, pthalate and sulfate free! Vegan friendly. Cruelty free. 

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